Tuberculosis is a tough disease to fight. But it is treatable, and even preventable. If you listen, you can hear people in every country, in every language, speaking out and working to make a difference. Here are some of the things that Louder Than TB and our partners have accomplished so far.

In September 2016, Kenya became the first country to introduce improved, child-friendly TB medicines on a national level. The new medicine is a combination of existing TB treatments dosed specifically for children according to World Health Organization treatment guidelines. The simpler administration is expected to increase adherence and treatment outcomes, and represents significant progress in fighting childhood TB in Kenya and around the world.


Louder Than TB helped spread the word in Kenya

Our coalition worked with the Kenyan Ministry of Health’s existing Mulika TB! Maliza TB! (Find TB! Treat TB!) initiative to raise awareness of childhood TB among parents and healthcare workers, urge them to get children tested, and inform them about the availability of the improved medication.

Posters and brochures were made available for use in treatment centers across the nation.

Child-friendly treatment ordered in 35 countries (and counting)

In the three years since launch, we have seen 88 countries order close to 1 million treatment courses of the improved pediatric formulations.

For comparison, 1 million children are estimated to develop TB each year.

Child-friendly treatment ordered in 35 countries (and counting)

Louder Than TB was created in 2016 to raise awareness around TB and rally support from advocacy groups, governments, and international organizations. Our coalition now includes more than 50 partners.

On World TB Day in 2016, we reached more than 10 million people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and followed up by driving awareness around other key issues such as HIV/TB co-infection and maternal health. Since then, we've reached millions more every year on World TB Day. Louder Than TB was also a presence at key conferences such as TB2016 in Durban, South Africa; The World Health Assembly in Geneva; AIDS2018; The Union Conferences in Liverpool, Guadalajara and The Hague; and the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis in 2018.

But there's still more to do

As long as there are people with TB, the advocacy community will need to speak out on their behalf. Learn about the groups who have pledged to get Louder Than TB and find out how your organization can add their voice.

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